Spirituality CAN feel like a waste of time, when you have bills to pay and kids to take care of and tasks to get done, am I right?

But in this episode (in honor of this 8 Universal Month – all about manifesting and producing!) I am going to share why that is all so beautifully wrong. 😉

In this year of the Mystic in Numerology we are going to awaken to the knowing that this is NOT just a physical world.

In this episode, I am going to cover:

  • Why spirituality isn’t stupid and why it is the most productive thing you can do for your bank account and your impact
  • The #1 reason I was able to defy where I came from, and make an abundant living running my own spiritual business
  • How we are approaching ‘spirituality’ here in the Numerology Chick community
  • And the two POWERFUL reasons that investing in your spiritual life is often the source of your next-level miracle

The Powerful Reframes: Why Spirituality is Productive

  1. Our spiritual life is where everything that is not here yet is birthed. It is the dream room where anything that you can think of, is possible. >>> Tip: Craft that blueprint of what you want with that realm of imagination. Give life to what is not here yet by writing it down, fleshing it out, or visualizing it. 
  2. Our spiritual life is the resource from which we are perpetually guided. It is the quiet space where we receive the breadcrumbs, the responses, the guidance that we need to realize that vision. It gives us access to the omniscience of the zero/source, who has the know-how of all things ever created. >>> Tip: Unplug so you can listen and be guided. 

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