In March, your spiritual power is gonna be on steroids and because of this NOW is the time to manifest with the zero; your cosmic and powerful co-creator and best friend.

In this episode learn:

  • The really good reason you’re not manifesting what you want yet
  • Why March is a potent doorway to spiritual manifestation power
  • About the absolutely free 10 Day Manifest with the Zero Challenge (and how it can help you materialize your desires faster than you can)
  • AND how you can enter to win a FREE one-on-one session with me (enter before March 10th!)

Details on The 10 Day Manifest with the Zero Challenge

Dates: March 1st – March 10th

How to prepare:

How to start:

  • Starting on March 1st, every morning you will look at your vision or Pinterest board, press play on your song and complete Step 1: Visualize of the Morning Routine
  • Open your eyes and complete Step 2: Embody
  • And then go about your day! Notice the miracles and manifestations that are delivered to you as proof that the Universe/the zero point field IS responding to you and supporting you!

To enter in the giveaway for a FREE one-on-one personal Numerology session:

  • Start the challenge on March 1st
  • Follow my account @numerologychick on Instagram
  • Tag me @numerologychick the moment the zero delivers a manifestation to you during the 10 Day Challenge
  • Winner will be announced on Instagram on March 11th

***I will also be posting EVERY day on IG during the challenge with encouragement, resources and support.***

I am so excited to join you in the Zero Point Field every morning. If you have any questions on the challenge, leave them in the comments below. I got you. 😉


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BIG, warm girlfriend hugs… (let’s create amazing things together!)

P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.