It is time to reconnect to your spirituality, because it truly can change your life.

In this month’s forecast learn:

  • What is awaiting you, in your future, according to Numerology
  • Why December holds an essential gift that you MUST mine to navigate 2021 successfully
  • And I reveal December’s Numerology Challenge, which will reconnect you to the magic that you need to feel excited and supported again…

The December Numerology Challenge: 7 Days of Spiritual Life


  1. Create a Magical Manifestation list: Open up the NotePad on your phone or create a new document, and write down at least 3 enchanting, unexplainable manifestations that have happened in your life. Maybe you manifested something on your vision board, a prayer was answered, or you thought of someone and they called. It could be big or small!
  2. Every morning for 7 consecutive days, read that list. Remind yourself that there IS an energy behind-the-scenes that supports and responds to you.
  3. And then spend 3-5 minutes investing in a spiritual practice. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be yoga, deep breathing, meditation, visualization, or reading scripture. Reach out your hand and connect to this spiritual energy. It needs you to take the first step.

Feel your roots deepen back to that safe, enchanting home, knowing that it is the source of your next great idea or your next-level courage.

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