Manifest with the Zero: A 10 Day Program to Materialize Your Desires

Carved into ancient Mayan ruins is a profound discovery; a symbol that points to the most powerful creative energy of the Universe: the zero.

It was forbidden knowledge for thousands of years.

It was hidden by those in power.

A man was murdered so it would be kept a secret.

And now, in this profound audio program, get access to its power and companionship. Learn how to use it in just 3-5 minutes a day to start to materialize your dreams.

$55.00 – This is an audio program that is delivered to you digitally in a link after purchase.

$55.00 – Purchase Now

The audio track breakdown:

  • Track 1: Welcome. 6:56 – Get an overview of what to expect in the program!
  • Track 2: The Shady & Mysterious History of the Zero. 13:37 – Learn why the zero has been hidden for so long and how lucky you are to have access to its forbidden wisdom.
  • Track 3: The 4 Quantum Qualities of the Zero. 11:50 – Learn how modern science PROVES the existence of the zero and its enchanting and mind-boggling power.
  • Track 4: Intro to the 10 Day ZPF Manifestation Challenge. 12:19 – Learn the fastest, easiest way to start leveraging the power of the zero right now, in just 3 minutes a day.
  • Track 5: The ZPF Technique Decoded. 15:04 – A quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to perform the technique each day in the challenge.
  • Track 6: Congrats and Last Tips. 2:30 – Let’s celebrate!

Bonuses included in the program:

  • Insider Tips & Training: I answer the most commonly asked questions in a 20 minute long audio to help you deepen your magical work with the zero. How long do you have to wait before you see results? What if you have a hard time focusing during the technique? Does this interfere with your religious beliefs?
  • Prep for the 10 Day Challenge Worksheet (PDF): This will help you set a target, step-by-step, for what you want to create with the zero during the program.
  • The 10 Day ZPF Manifestation Challenge Checklist Guide (PDF): A worksheet that takes you through the 10 Day Manifestation Challenge everyday and holds you accountable.
  • The ZPF Technique Cheatsheet (PDF): An abbreviated and simplified version of the technique that you can refer to when you are on-the-go and in need of reminders.

$55.00 – This is an audio program that is delivered to you digitally in a link after purchase.

$55.00 – Purchase NOW