Are you surrounded by low standards? About to give up on your dream? Don’t. The 8 is here to help you break through.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • How the 8 of this month amps up your manifestation power
  • The variety of pain that you might experience right before a miracle
  • And I reveal the March Numerology Challenge, where we incorporate THREE manifestation secrets so you leverage this POTENT power (we won’t feel this energy again until December!)

The March Numerology Challenge: Be the CEO of your Dream


  1. Make a wish. What change do you want to manifest this month? Make sure this wish is something BIGGER or BETTER than you have wished for before. Write it down: I want to improve my income by $5000. I want to manifest a promotion. I want to manifest confidence when I walk into a room. Choose one thing to focus on.
  2. Ask yourself, what BOLD, action steps can get me closer to manifesting this? If you were the kick-butt CEO of your wish, what items would you write down on your to-do list? Choose your top 4!
  3. Execute. It isn’t enough to think of these 4 things! You have to go and take action on them. Schedule one in for each week this month!

Are you joining me in this challenge? Comment below and share what your first bold action is going to be!

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