We have all reached that point in our journey where we’re confused, stuck or a tad bit lost; where we’re questioning why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place. This 7 Universal Month has arrived to help.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • Why LETTING GO is the key to success this month
  • The signs of being ‘brought to our knees’ (and WHY IT’S A GOOD SIGN)
  • And a 4 step process to truly surrender and be guided by the magic of the Universe

The November Numerology Challenge: 4 Steps to Surrender


  1. Regroup and recommit to the desire or dream on your heart. Say it out loud to yourself, ‘I most want to create _______.”
  2. Ask for help. Admit that you don’t know, by ASKING for help. ‘Please, help me. Give me guidance, clarity and support. What do I do next?’
  3. Listen. Find a space for solitude and peace, where you can actually HEAR the whispers of inspiration that come to you. They will be wild and gentle thoughts, but ones that warm your soul.
  4. Act. Your Cosmic Best Friend can’t force you to act. Once you receive that little thought of inspiration, you have to be the one who is brave enough to follow through on it, in real life.

Spiritual people aren’t born that way. Spiritual people – people who have a magic about them; who seem to be supported in miraculous ways – are people who have learned how to repetitively lean into this bigger and greater energy. That is the work this month. That is our magic.

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