Death. Endings. Completions. Letting go. Scary words? March is here to redefine them; to help you practice the art of welcoming new horizons.

In this month’s guide we cover:

  • Why the magic of the 9 is often misunderstood and why it truly is a sacred gift
  • How to identify what you may need to let go of, to move forward and feed your dreams
  • Why the phrase ‘release what is no longer serving you’ may not hit home…
  • And how to actually release and cleanse what has been holding you back, so that you’re calling in the new beginning that is worthy of you.

Your Notes for Being Successful in March

Journal Prompt #1) What is the dream on your heart? What is the thing that you would love to manifest or realize this year?

Journal Prompt #2) What may be stifling this dream? What would help you create space for your desire?

Journal Prompt #3) What are you going to put in this empty space? What will replace this thing you are letting go of?

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