A very important person is going to show up. It’s time to listen to them.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • The one negative feeling to watch out for this month and why it’s here
  • How doing something COUNTERintuitive in June is key to manifestation
  • Why, if you’ve been seeing 11 or 11:11, this next 30 days is going to be EXTRA powerful for you
  • And the two things that you need to do to bust through that stubborn block, with the June Numerology Challenge

The June Numerology Challenge: Listen to Your Inner Voice


  1. Make space for a daily routine of 3-5 minutes of silence. This could be setting your alarm for 10 minutes early, or making time for an evening stroll by yourself.
  2. Write down the dream or desire that’s on your heart right now. (Your intuition needs a focus!)
  3. During that quiet time, recall your dream and desire, and then ask yourself for guidance. Use the below questions as prompts (or create your own!)

‘What do I need to do different today/tomorrow for this desire?’

“What does my desire need from me?’

‘Where is the magnetic miracle hiding?’

Whatever answer you receive, trust it and ACT on it. THAT is you, becoming your own inspirational leader.

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