Change, progress, movement and momentum. These are the gifts that August brings. But the question is, are you ready for this? Have you developed the focus and adaptability to keep your compass bearings set, even amidst the sudden influx, expansion and speed? 

In this month’s guide, learn where you stand with this energy of the 5, and if there is an area within yourself where you need to grow, so you can hold what it is to come.

Your Notes for Being Successful in August

  1. Is there something you can do to adjust, change or refine that dream/desire/goal so that it feels Christmas-morning-exciting? 
  2. If your answer to the above question is ‘no, it’s so exciting as is!’… then just keep your eye on the prize this month. Stay focused on only that to which you are wanting to grow in your life (because lots of opportunities, distractions and chaos will be around!). 
  3. If your answer to the above question is yes, define that. Get clear on it. Write it down. “I want to make 20k/month, AND work with on-purpose souls who want to make a difference in the world.” or “I want to work full time as a painter, AND make enough money to take 3 days off a week!” And once you refine this even better feeling goal… stay focused on it even amidst distraction. 

Flow is coming, and I want you ride that wave to the land of your dreams.

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BIG, warm hugs…

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