Natalie Olson (newly married! previously known as Natalie Anastasio Pescetti) is your Numerologist and philosopher-friend with a passion for decoding the mystery of life. She is here to help you unearth your numbers, or your superpowers (hidden in your birth name and birth date) so you can create the life that you really want.

For over a decade, Nat has been coaching individuals in her private Numerology practice. She has become the secret weapon for best-selling authors, Wall-street financiers and CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies. She has been lucky enough to work with a varied clientele that has included actors, soldiers, housewives and carpenters.

She has also been a featured columnist for the largest online Numerology and Spiritual community in the world, Numerologist.com, with over 2 million trusted viewers and readers. In 2019 she will be launching two Numerology programs with the Numerologist.com team to help reach more people with this life-changing ancient wisdom!