2022 is honestly the most significant year I’ve come across in the last decade of my Numerology work. It is profound, important and it is calling you forward in big ways.

In this absolutely free guide and workshop, learn:

  • How to extract an essential tool from 2021, that will catapult you forward ahead of the rest
  • The collective false belief to avoid that could create massive failure when working with the number 6 of this year (don’t worry! I teach you how to overcome it!)
  • And powerful journaling prompts to leverage the natural growth, prosperity and healing that is potential this year…

Journaling Exercises to Prep for 2022

  1. What are the top 1-3 elevated desires that emerged from 2021? Write them down!
  2. How do these new desires FEED your life path number? How do they help you with your great mission? Affirm that the above desires are NOT selfish or flights of fancy. They are divine seeds, put there to help you be your best self and do your great work.
  3. What would it look like if you prioritized these desires in the new year? What would you do more of, and what would you do less of?

Reminders on your Life Path Number (your great work and your purpose):

  • 1 life path – to innovate, lead and tread your own path
  • 2 life path – to support, help and create harmony
  • 3 life path – to uplift with your creativity and self-expression
  • 4 life path – to build and stabilize
  • 5 life path – to free and liberate
  • 6 life path – to heal and nourish with love
  • 7 life path – to seek and find core truths to life’s deeper questions
  • 8 life path – to accumulate wealth, power and wisdom to share with others
  • 9 life path – to serve and bring light to darkness
  • 11 life path – to illuminate and bring inspiring insights down to the masses
  • 22 life path – to reconstruct and make dreams become true and solid
  • 33 life path – to uplift and use joy to teach

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