The peak energy of the year, September is where all that hard work you’ve put into your dream since January, kicks up speed. This is where you see things bloom, flourish and develop a life of their own….

AND this is ALSO where the zero/God/your Creator may force your hand and point out your blindspots so you do not cheat the world of your gifts, your potential and your great light.

Your Visualization/Journal Prompts for September

Imagine that you are in a beautiful garden that represents you and your precious little world. This garden is your safe refuge, your home. I want you to imagine that you notice some weeds that are infringing upon the fruition of this garden of yours; that are taking away nutrients and real-estate from this dream and this desire you are creating.

  1. What are those weeds? What do they represent in your life right now? Trust your inner wisdom here and listen to what your intuition is saying. You already know. 
  2. And what do you need to do to be rid of these weeds? What do you need to take out of your life/off your plate so they do not take up space anymore? Just a little tip: usually what we need to do with the weeds is to simply replace them with what we LOVE. 😉

If we get clear on the above and take action from this awareness, we will be able to tap into this resource of love, healing and abundance.

>>> My impact, influence and success comes from the flourishing of my small, precious world. I put the blinders on and focus on those people, places and things that are receptive to my gifts and my values, and that reciprocate them. <<< 

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Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.