What is on our heart, needs our consistent love. It needs to know we won’t give up on it. This is the work this month. This is what will create deep roots to SUSTAINABLE abundance, love, health and fulfillment in our lives.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • The development phase we are ALL going into in October – and how its setting us up for incredible success in 2022
  • The subconscious block that prevents us from tapping into sustainable abundance in our lives
  • And of course, the one thing you need to get clear on and write down, to see things come to fruition

The October Numerology Challenge: Say the Vow


  1. Make your desire even more blissful and even more yours. Think about the dream or desire that’s on your heart right now and ask yourself, ‘what needs to be tweaked about my desire, so it inspires my devotion? What extra ingredient, if anything, would make it irresistible?’
  2. Craft the vow. Make a verbal or written commitment to this precious thing. Say or write: “I vow to nurture and love on ___________ everyday. I vow to believe in it, to listen to what it needs and to nourish it.”
  3. Say the vow every morning. Say your vow aloud and let it guide you in your thoughts, decisions and actions. It will not lead you astray.

What is on our heart, needs our consistent love. If we feed the garden of our dream consistently, our ultra-responsive best friend will help it grow into something that has a life of its own.

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