This month is the PEAK, PINNACLE-ENERGY of the year… and you and I have been WAITING for it!

In this month’s forecast learn:

  • Why this 4-universal-month, in a 4-universal-year packs a powerful punch
  • What the ancients observed about the 4, that is now verified by modern science
  • The most common block that keeps us spiritual folks from progressing into success
  • And the September 30 Day Numerology Challenge, which could be the turning point you’ve been asking for in truly transforming this year
  • **I also cover the most common hurdles people experience in the monthly challenges, so you are set for success!**

The September 30 Day Numerology Challenge


  1. Revisit what you are wanting to create or manifest. What has been on your heart in 2020, that you want to see come to fruition? Write it down.
  2. Every morning ask yourself, ‘what is one, small, practical action I can take to BUILD that dream, in real life?’
  3. Do #2 EVEN IF you don’t feel like it, even if other people have drama, even if you aren’t in a ‘good space,’ etc.

By doing the above, you are creating a turning point in your life that you will NEVER forget. You will prove to yourself that you can be a determined, focused warrior for your dreams. <3

Comment below and let me know if you are in for the challenge. And make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you want support along the way.

P.S. This is SO much more powerful if you do it with a friend. Share this post with someone you love, who is ready for transformation, and have an accountability-buddy!

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BIG, warm hugs…

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