There comes a time when the model of life that we’ve been living in can no longer contain our potential or our vision. We must break through and break into our own special, next level space.

That time is now.

In this month’s guide we cover:

  • Why the master number 11 of May is INCREDIBLY powerful for attracting the big breakthroughs or realizations of your desires
  • Why you absolutely shouldn’t play it safe and stay in comfy, cushy places right now if you want to keep the momentum flowing
  • The key to being able to access the clarity and next-steps you need to rise into your highest potential
  • And 3 tips (straight from the wisdom of a famous character) to bust through IMPOSSIBLY HARD blocks so you can commit to next level transformation, NOW

Your Notes for Being Successful in May

#1) Prioritize time to be in your own energy, daily. In the morning, feel what it feels like to be you vs them. You can do this by journaling or meditating, by getting clear on your intentions, on what inspires you, pulls you, lifts you. You can do this by singing, dancing, or by working out so you can feel your muscles, your body, your container, YOU. The key is feeling yourself, your body and your inner voice.

#2) Consider spending less time consuming other people’s thoughts/roles/realities this month. You can still do social media and podcasts and TV… but try to make a practice of doing it after you have first checked in with yourself. Where is my energy and inspiration right now? What is my heart saying it needs? 

#3) During this me-time above, be open to the unique nudges, ideas and inspirations that come through. Listen to them. Don’t disregard them. They will be the breadcrumbs that will lead you out of paradigms that are not yours and breaking into touching, feeling, experiencing the new reality that is truly available and aligned with you. 

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