In January, we deepened our connection to our values. In February, we took our power back. And in March we had to release or cleanse something. Now in April, we are tapping into new beginnings. And I know you are ready.

In this month’s guide we cover:

  • Why the last 3 months may have felt a tad bit slow-moving
  • Why April is actually the ‘official‘ start of the new year (and thus progress, movement, flow, & inspiration)
  • A powerful mindset shift for rapid NEW beginnings and fresh, new starts in your life…
  • And monthly journal prompts to embody and activate this cycle in your life ASAP.

Your Notes for Being Successful in April

Journal Prompt #1) What are the qualities of the person you no longer want to be?

Journal Prompt #2) What are the qualities of the person you do want to be in the future? (These are often the direct opposite of what you listed above in prompt #1)

Journal Prompt #3) Which quality from prompt #2 stands out to you the most? Write out how you can embody that quality in the heat of the moment. How can you conjure that quality up in yourself, even if you are in a challenging situation?

We don’t want to manifest things. We want to become the kind of person who could easily manifest, hold and sustain those things. Practice being that person; practice playing the part.

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